Julie is the best at what she does! She was extremely helpful in the planning of our wedding and kept us calm throughout the whole process. She is a professional in every sense and will guide you towards the light at the end of the tunnel. I can't imagine what our wedding would've been without her and for that I am extremely grateful. Thank you so much Julie! - Sherlynn and Paul

Julie was absolutely amazing!!! She was always available when we needed her and she was super flexible when it came to meeting up. She had so many great ideas and money saving tips to help make our wedding not only perfect but fit in our budget. She was such a delight and so professional to work with. She made us feel like we were friends and not just a client. Before our wedding day she was always there for us and on our wedding day she made it feel like we had nothing to worry about. She took care of everything which was such a huge load off our minds when all we wanted to do was celebrate. We highly recommend her for any event you are thinking of having. She was absolutely the best and we could not have done it without her! She went above and beyond what we have expected. For your own sake, give her a try and you won't regret it. We love you Julie!! You are the best!!!! - Michelle and Aaron

Julie and her assistants (Marissa, Stephanie, and other Julie) are simply the best and we really owe it to them for making our wedding memorable and how we dreamed it to be. Julie helped plan our wedding from day 1 for about 10 months. She was professional and personable, which made me feel like I can trust my most special day with her. She knew what was important to us as a couple, and simply handled that during the wedding day. On top of all our meetings and planning sessions, I truly saw how valuable she was on the day of. For us, it was overwhelming with 270 guests that we wanted to greet and get through our program. Vince and I spontaneously made decisions throughout the day to edit the program so that we have more time to do the things that mattered to us. All we had to do was tell Julie, and she handled the rest communicating to all vendors and venue staff without having us to worry. I would definitely recommend her! - Toni and Vincent

Julie was awesome!! My daughter and I first met her at the Bridal Show and had a great chat with her. We both knew she was the one. She was just so sweet and I knew we would get along great. Over the 9 months planning our wedding, Julie really listened and offered great advice based on what I wanted for our wedding. She was very supportive and on top of everything. I'm a bit of a type A control freak and Julie made me feel comfortable knowing she had everything under control. Our wedding was just perfect! I highly recommend Julie and her team! - Terri and John

Julie is more than just a wedding planner. She's your co-creator, counselor, supporter, advocate-r, cheerleader, and ultimately a true friend. We definitely underpaid Julie for all of her services. She went above and beyond for what she did for us. From the first day of planning til the moment we left the venue on the day of our wedding, Julie was there every step of the way. During the planning process, she was available all the time either through email, text, or phone calls. She definitely received a lot of emails and texts from me because I tend to become a little OCD and neurotic with planning. Our wedding was perfect because of her timeliness, professionalism, and her eye for style. We got married in downtown LA in the middle of the Women's March (aka Trump protest) and Julie and her team pulled it off and started our wedding on time, even if she had to fight against the law a few times. And we got 100% of our security deposit back because Julie and her team did an amazing job. Of the entire planning process, Julie is the one thing that I did not feel any buyers remorse because she was worth every penny. Trust me, if you want a wedding to go smoothly, hire a wedding planner. If you went your wedding to be perfect just the way you want it, hire Julie. - Janet and Vince

Julie and her team were very willing to hear out our thoughts and opinions and did whatever they could to make our day just the way we wanted. Julie always reached out to us personally and was willing to meet with us or communicate through texts and emails any time. We were able to enjoy our wedding day without any worries or concerns as Julie and her team were completely trustworthy! Julie was incredibly accommodating to all our inquiries and requests. If you're looking for someone who is willing to go out of their way in serving the Bride/Groom with a joyful heart, Julie is the way to go. Highly recommend her services. - Sarah and DJ

Julie and her staff did amazing job on my wedding day. I contacted her for one month before the wedding, and she quickly took ALL the tasks. Her open communication and thoughtfulness was genuine and made our final wedding stretch stress free as possible. She was able to release so much of the burden and physically and mentally saved me. I wish I used her for my entire wedding planning from the get go, but in the short time she had to plan and take over, I was extremely satisfied. I would definitely recommend to others. Julie was always available, day or night and made sure I was informed of everything. Thanks Julie!

- Ahra and Jason

I had some of the best experiences working with Julie and her team. Looking back, I realized I was able to fully enjoy every moment of my engagement, wedding planning, and especially my wedding day. Julie and her team were always thinking of ways to make sure Matt and I weren't carrying the burdens of planning a wedding on our own and took great measures to ensure everything went smoothly. There were multiple times they came with me to meet various vendors, shop for supplies and decor...and I never even asked! I'm so grateful for the thought, compassion, graciousness and willingness they showed through their services. Julie wasn't just my wedding coordinator, but she became a friend I was able to confide in. Thank you so much Julie! - Erin and Matt

Julie and her team were awesome! Julie is very knowledgeable, always there to answer any questions, and our wedding wouldn't have been the best day of our lives if it wasn't for her guidance and organization. She takes you through the whole wedding process from your first meeting to relay your dream wedding visions and she turns your wants and desires into reality. Julie takes your stresses of wedding planning away from your thoughts so you can enjoy this special day with your wife, family and friends. Julie and her team are simply amazing, and I highly recommend her if you are looking for a wedding planner or organizing a huge celebration. God bless you Julie and wish you much success in the future! - Grace & Lawrence

I thought I was going to be the bride that can do it all -- I had my wedding planned to the T and even a timeline drawn out -- until I got to the last month before the big day. I started getting very nervous about being able to maintain control of the flow of events and make sure things went the way my husband and I wanted to, not how others thought would be best. I panicked at the thought I would be taking pictures with my bridal party, oblivious to what else is going down downstairs. So, I contacted Julie!! She came in with her experience and made sure everything that I missed was taken care of. I was able to just ENJOY. I can't (and don't want to) imagine what the day would have been like without Julie. She was my number one supporter, worked to establish the vision that my husband and I had for the wedding, and never let anything take control of the plans we had for the day. - Joanne and Nathan

Julie is simply AMAZING! My husband and I can't thank Julie enough for helping our dream wedding come true! We were in contact with Julie from the very beginning of our wedding planning process and she helped us keep things organized. I HIGHLY recommend all brides to hire Julie as your day-of- coordinator or wedding planner . It made my wedding day so much more enjoyable and definitely reduced my stress levels because of Julie. That's because I had full trust in Julie to execute all of the details. Not only did she execute, she went above and beyond our expectations! We simply enjoyed the wedding planning process because of her. Julie was the best wedding decision we have made! I already miss working with her! So to all the future brides and grooms shoot her a message and you will simply fall in love with her the moment you meet her! - Rachel and Jeffrey

Best decision I could have made for my wedding! I am forever grateful to Julie Lee and her sparkling team for her support during one of the most difficult years of my life. From the very first meeting, I felt understood and cared for. Julie takes a personal interest in her brides and takes pride in her work. She wants to see her clients enjoying the engagement process and she works her butt off to ensure that they are able to revel in their big day. For me, she did this by being available to me through the planning process and being my greatest supporter. While planning the wedding, we all come across vendors that are more interested in their own prioritizes, but Julie was different; she really understood what was important to me and embraced my vision. She ran with my ideas and was honest with me about what she thought we could accomplish in regards to my budget, time constraints, and man power. I came to understand that I could reply on her for an honest opinion and a listening ear. During the period of our engagement, I had several family members pass away, was dealing with failing health, and a deteriorating family situation, but Julie stood by me and was a constant reminder of what was important to me. She reminded me that I loved Jason and couldn’t wait to be his wife, that I wanted to honor our guests for participating in our lives, and that I loved God and was grateful for what He had given me. We had about 450 guests at our wedding and because of space constraints at our first venue, we had to have two separate receptions. Double trouble. But Julie handled it all with grace. I heard time and time again from guests and vendors how wonderful and pleasant it was to work with Julie. She never lost her cool! My wedding ran swimmingly because of the hard work of Julie. She ensured that I was able to relax and enjoy our big day. I am eternally grateful to Julie Lee! - Hannah and Jason

As a photographer of many wedding weddings I was extremely impressed with Julie and her team.  From my initial contact in the months leading up to the wedding, Julie was accessible, engaging and left no detail unattended.  I believe Julie and her team should be on any couples short list when looking for a wedding coordinator! - Lisa Keisler Photography

You were an Officiant's professional partner always, supporting me during the prep period and ceremony itself--while fulfilling all of your other responsibilities!  You have a beautiful way about you, a manner that puts everyone at ease -- everyone trusting in the wonder of the wedding as it unfolds. Rachel and Jeff and I were so fortunate to have you at our sides, organizing seamlessly with love and respect for all.

- Stephen Macht, Officiant

As a DJ, I have worked with coordinators before and I must say that Julie is truly the best. We've worked together for a wedding recently in October, and the wedding was a success thanks to her. Julie is an amazing coordinator as she sees your event all the way through from start to finish. She's organized, detail-oriented, personable, and professional. She definitely knows what she is doing and helps relieve the stress that entails when putting an event together. With her great personality, professionalism, and experience, I would highly recommend her to any client. - DJ MoeJoe